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Tchago Martins

São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Brazil

Visual Artist / Collagist / 32 years - Tchago worked as a designer and art director at digital agencies and today he is a partner in a framing business with his father (Cido Molduras).

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Visual Artist / Collagist / 32 years - Tchago worked as a designer and art director at digital agencies and today he is a partner in a framing business with his father (Cido Molduras).

Tchago Martins, since childhood he has been in the habit of making collages, and together with his family environment, studies and experiments, his works express more and more what he thinks.

He has been developing manual collages in a more professional way for over twelve years, has participated in individual and collective exhibitions with other artists, regularly does collaborative work and develops curatorial projects.

His works go through a process of selecting the images and the compositions are each formed with a weight.

The works are generally guided by social criticism and human reflection as a theme, trying to be explained (or not) by their titles, as in films or comics.

Currently he is part of the international collective 'Gli Informali', with 38 other artists of manual collage in the world.


'Tchago Martins' collage, in addition to the use of glue and the prosaic cutouts of different origins, brings as a final result juxtapositions, experiments and daily confrontations. In the relationship between image, background and space, we note the artist's unease by giving a subverted sense to the works, creating new meanings and visual disturbances.' (Ayao Okamoto, visual artist and university professor. PhD in Visual Poetics-ECA-USP)


'The artist Tchago Martins, expresses in his art a set of visual possibilities and experiments that transmit to the recipient a unique process of visualization and interpretation of each work.

Just like a "sample" in the musical context - which has the role of recycling a sound extract extracted from another work and reusing it, not necessarily with the same purpose as the initial work - its collage work provides a new freshness for the images which already have their own meaning, allowing, in this way, a contemporary reading of the urban space, the metropolises and their surroundings, through the overlapping of the elements.

His images refer to memories of cities, which mix up times, places and situations, expanding each individual's field of abstraction and exploring a tangle of sensations in his graphic repertoire. Speaking of sensations, the explanation is up to each one.

After all, in your art there are no definitive answers.' (Rodrigo Plaça, geographer and cultural researcher)


Flávio Grão, Robinho Santana, Fabio Gava, Cido Martins (Cido Molduras), Frida Kahlo, Shepard Fairey, Picasso, Van Gogh, Vini Meio, Felipe Urso, B47, Tide Hellmeister, Tarsila do Amaral, Helio Oiticica, Adriana Varejão, OsGemeos, Guilherme Callegari, Guilherme Gafi, Daniel Melim, Eduardo Recife, Vik Muniz, Gli Informali, Mariano Alonso, Isabel Marques, Tanja Ulbrich, Jeanne Teolis, Walter Paganuzzi, Stefan Schneider, Dorothée Dottke, Sara Serna, Olga Lupi, Iago Berro, Maria Eugenia Conde, Susan Ringler, Betty Klaasse, Mila González, Rachel Derum, Kate Cuthbert, Alison Kurke, Bruno Kurru, Alexandre Sesper, Reinaldo Ratto, Tomie Ohtake, Luiz Sacilotto, Oscar Niemeyer, Flavio Lazzarin, Olivia Descampe, Edward Hopper, Sebastião Salgado, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Keith Haring, Basquiat, David Carson, Rico Lins